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With over one million uninsured Arizonans, and over 79 percent of these uninsured being employed, Healthcare Group of Arizona was created in 1985 by the Arizona State Legislature and funded through a start-up grant from the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation.

Who We Are

A health plan for small businesses and political subdivisions, Healthcare Group is a State-sponsored, public-private partnership created to provide accessible and reasonably-priced healthcare coverage to small businesses with 2-50 employees and political subdivisions.

Differing from commercial health plans that typically underwrite by individual or small employer group, Healthcare Group utilizes community rating when setting its premiums. As required by Statute, the Administration also considers age, gender, health status-related factors, group size, and geographic area to establish premiums. Utilizing community rating concepts, businesses are grouped into a larger community of like-size businesses within their geographic area. Everyone within the specific group size and health plan option pays the same premium based on age and gender. Further, Healthcare Group is a guaranteed issue plan - no eligible applicants can be turned down.

While commercial health plans in the state of Arizona are governed by the Department of Insurance, Healthcare Group of Arizona reports to the Governor and the Joint Legislative Budget Committee and is governed under Title 36 Statute, Title 9 Rule.

How It Works

Your company qualifies for Healthcare Group coverage if you have been in business for 60 days or more and your business has been without healthcare coverage for at least 90 days. As a pre-paid premium-based plan, employers may choose to contribute to the premiums or can offer the plan directly to their employees at no cost to the business.

Healthcare Group offers managed-care plan options through two Health Plans: Mercy Healthcare Group (Mercy) and University Physicians Healthcare Group (UPH). To satisfy a variety of lifestyles and budgets, there are two Benefit Plan Options: Classic and Active Healthstyles.

Mission Statement

To reduce the number of uninsured Arizonans by providing innovative affordable healthcare coverage options to small businesses and political subdivisions ensuring access to quality healthcare so that working Arizonans can maintain healthy lifestyles.

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